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October 10, 2008


Who is in the hot seat this week???? All them fuck ass ****** at XXL Magazine(Datwon Thomas) and the whores who claim that got plenty of money and cant even pay for pizza( The Real Housewives Of Atlanta) along with everybody else who continues to praise all the bullshit…. Let‘s not forget Jaime’s old ass over at Sister 2 Sister!!!!! Are yall ready to gag???????? It’s time for Dessert……. Egg Nog and all!!!!!!!

For starters…….. Yall will never be Essence, Ebony or Jet magazine!!!!! REAL Publications!!!!!!! I wanted to ROAST your muthafuckin ass off top while I was digging for DIRT….. But all I could find was dem LIPS!!!! And we all know what he can do with them soup-cooler’s!! I got a BONE to pick with you Datwon Thomas( DT If Ya Nasty) about what you wrote about me and my GIRLS in the November issue wit Luda on da front!!! Yessssss…….. I said….. My girls….. Cuz I am in CHARGE of the GURLS!!!! And Im da only BITCH allowed to ROAST dat ass!!!!!!! How dare you try to UPSTAGE ME??? You know you was dead ass wrong for putting the DA Brat in dat spread with her pants down like dat…… Talking bout…… “Dear Female Emcee’s…….. Ladies Worst”!!!!

Now, Muthafucka… I was ridin witcha until I seen you throw SALT on my name at the end!!!!!! Talkin bout……. “Do you really wanna see KHIA on the next cover of the next sex issue???” Yessssssss……. Yes dey REALLY do…… And been wondering what the FUCK has been going on all dese years! Ummmmmhmmm… ****** like you need to stop taking dey hate to work!!!! Brainwashing all the reader’s…. Puttin all dese video whores on the COVERS…. Because your main focus is the ****** that’s in the prison cells and the jack-off PERVERTS that like to JACK dey DICKS in the weeeee-hours of the MORNING… No HATE intended… Im a regular visitor.. Imma frequent FLYER.. Yall seen my MUG Shots….. But let’s keep it real!!!!!! Since when has a MODEL been 5’1 with a 36” waist 24” chest and 69 “ASS????? Injected and all!!!!!!! Dem hoes will neva walk the runway….. They’ll neva walk fashion week….. They’ll neva be Kimora Lee…. Stacking dat paper since she was 12 years old 6’2 and all!!!! Video WHORES is all they will ever be…….. And if that’s what turns you on???? DT……… You need to get a load of me!!!! Bitch…. I’m Miss Neck and Back and them whores been on HOLD since a bitch came out……. So why haven’t I GRACE D the cover??? How HOOPZ come before the Queen?? All you wanna do is put SWANGERS and DL ****** on the COVER!! Didn’t Leon play that part???? Yessssssss!!!! Yall New York ass ****** always hatin on the SOUTH but we BUYS magazine down bottom! You said my name cuz you really wanna put them LIPS on dis PUSSY in the middle of the YANKEE Stadium….. I know….. And Imma let ya…… If you suck dis PUSSY right….. Im might let you HIT a home-run…. But I gotta see if its okay with WEZZY First!!! Im so sick of hearing bout dat bitch NOXEMA….. Imma drag ya before long!!! See ya at the VOODOO!!! Now DT back to you…..When I do my XXL COVER Photo-Shoot…. I want you right there…. In the middle!!! LMAO!!!!! Imma put use to dem LIPS…. Cuz you aint saying NUTHIN!!!! While you running your mouth…….. Why don’t you do something to HELP the ladies in Hip-Hop? You came out of PUSSY… Or did you???
Cuz see… I don’t need you fuck niggas…. Im looking out for the rest of these hoes!!!

Bitch…… We are ya moma, ya sister, ya baby momma, ya aunties and I THANK YA for motivating me to launch The Ladies First, All Female Tour And Convention…… Slated for Summer of ‘09!!!!! Instead of being a HATER…. Be a SPONSER!!! Negro Please…… Who wouldn’t wanna see all the ladies of Hip-Hop together on one stage?? Hosted by Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa, Spinderella on the 1’s and 2’s. With all the Hip-Hop’s leading ladies, pioneers, veterans, comedians, actresses and athlete’s!!!! I might not like some them hoes but when it comes to a ***** tryna to downgrade and degrade us…… Its time to shake dis shit up a little bit…… Differences behind!!!!!! Fuck niggas…… Get $$$$$$$$!!!! So yes DT…. They wanna see the Queen on the Cover… Cuz every bitch that’s been on the Cover…. Pussy is DEAD as Hell!!! A bunch of sleep walking ZOMBIES giving PUSSY a BAD name!!!! If you only knew of the DEMON that was on TOP of you!!! And the Queen said dat!!!!!!

Now Ms. Jamie….. You’s another one….. Who loves to put whores wit Superhead on the COVER!! Yes…. I know and we all know of the undercover pussy sucking you doing at Sister 2 Sister!!! Come on out the CLOSET….. Deleeshis, Sparkle, DMX’s Wife!!! Who wants to hear them stories??? The people wanna hear about the QUEEN!! The people wanna hear about me and WEEZY!!! Hell…… I know that XXL and KING is taking PAYOLA for dey COVERS!!! But not you Jamie….. You supposed to keep it sooooo REAL!! How much Jamie??? Hell…. Can I PAY to get on the COVER?????? Cash Only…… No SEXUAL favors….. Everybody SWANGIN nowadays!! Look at what TIP and TINY done started!!!

I guess them WHORES….. The Housewife’s of Atlanta will get the COVER next??? How them hoes get a show before the QUEEN??? Them bitches aint got no $$$$….. Them Gold-Diggas aint real….. How many times do I have to tell yall that everything you see on TV aint REAL???? And Kim Kardashian STEALS!!! A bunch CUM guzzler’s living off a bunch of Nigga’s money….. At least my PUSSY is in tact and I GRINDS for my OWN money!! And I cant get no COVER???? A single mother of two, convicted FELON and ALL…… Done came and had INDEPENDENT success writing, producing, marketing and promoting my Goddamn self and aint have to FUCK nann ***** to earn shit….. And I cant get no COVER?? What the hell is really going on???? Chile Boo!!!!

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  1. Strawberry permalink
    October 10, 2008 5:35 am

    No Comment

  2. October 11, 2008 9:36 am

    ‘chile boo @ you this girl is wack, she can’t rap, no one cares much about her and she’s nowhere near as hot or hot shit as for some reason she think she is…..crawl under a rock somewhere please thanks.

  3. October 11, 2008 7:00 pm

    Who the hell is this idiot???

    She should go back to the doctor, and ask for an increase in her medication, then go back to the GED instructor and either take a refresher course or ask for a refund!!!

    • October 4, 2009 8:37 am

      Real talk! How you get kicked off a rap show…. wait how do a person that claims to be ” THE QUEEN OF THE SOUTH ” get kicked off a rap show for freestyling some shit she already wrote and recorded! She must not know what freestyling is. <—-clue one…. She on here talking about people who never even heard of her and she say they HATING. <— clue two
      IT'S OFFICIAL… This chick is siiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  4. embarrassedBLACKLADY permalink
    October 13, 2008 2:26 am

    KHIA, im crossing my fingers & hoping you didn’t write the above bullsh*t.
    [although it sounds like something you would say]

    SoOoooO, in case you did—-
    I can answer the question so easy & fast on why NO ONE will EVER put you on a cover of their magazine…even if YOU paid them…..

    Because you’re IGNORANT…..& wack as hell!
    I would be damned if i EVER purchased a magazine with you on the cover
    [especially during this reccession.]

    So, NO DT I DO NOT WANT TO SEE KHIA PUGGY ASS ON THE COVER OF XXL [my fav magazine of course]

    You give [black] females a BAD name…why be so stupid…literally?
    Spell sh*t the way its suppose to be spelled….not the way it sounds.

    I am a HUGE supporter of female rappers….like Lil Kim, Trina, Foxy…but you had ONE SINGLE about a nigga licking your ass & you’re suppose to be loved & respected?
    Get a damn clue & sit the hell down….PLEASE

  5. embarrassedBLACKLADY permalink
    October 13, 2008 2:26 am


  6. NickNyce permalink
    October 15, 2008 3:27 pm

    Khia, Girl do U and let the hater fall by the waste side. I feel what u are saying even if all of it I don’t agree with but something does need to be done about all these nut bucket chicks teaching our children the easiest way to make a buck is to sell your soul.

  7. getitgetit permalink
    October 28, 2008 9:19 pm

    I want khia to sit on my face mmm

  8. October 4, 2009 8:22 am

    I like onlyt one song you ever made and it didn’t make me want the whole weak ass album. I really want to know who bought this bitch album in the first place… The hoe is so gone… washed up…. dizzy as she want to be and just flat out wack. What real bitch you know, come out and try to shine on everybody in the industry? Guess what hoe very few like you and last time I checked The Tampa Streets don’t give two fucks about you. If anything you are the hater. Let it be known that all that talk will come to a end. Any person in their right mind will look pass hoes like you. You the same type of hoe my mother warned me not to be like! This sloppy… throw back…. transsexual… sleep walking… skeleton looking hoe need to fall the fuck back. Let the grown and sexy bitches handle this shit…. Damn you are a HOT MESS….. Khia you sleep. FROM : MzLenaloco….

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