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Couple Aborts Twin Boys Because They Wanted A Girl

January 15, 2011

What do you do when you want to determine the sex of your kid and it doesn’t go right? A couple aborted twin boys, because they wanted a girl. They already have three boys. Thoughts? The rest of the story is below the jump.

A COUPLE so desperate for a baby girl that they terminated twin boys are fighting to choose the sex of their next child.

The couple, who have three sons and still grieve for a daughter they lost soon after birth, are going to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to win the right to select sex by IVF treatment.

They say they want the opportunity to have the baby daughter they were tragically denied.

An independent panel, known as the Patient Review Panel, recently rejected the couple’s bid to choose the sex of their next child using IVF.

They have gone to VCAT in a bid to have that decision overturned.

Should this couple be allowed to choose the sex of their next child? Have your say below

VCAT recently ruled that it has the power to review the Patient Review Panel decision. It will hear the couple’s case in March.

So determined are the couple to have a girl that they recently terminated twin boys conceived through IVF.

The couple said it had been a traumatic decision to make but they could not continue to have unlimited numbers of children.

If their test case fails, they say they will go to the US to conceive a girl.

The couple, who cannot be identified, conceived their three boys naturally.

The woman – in her thirties – says she loves her sons but would do anything to have a daughter.

The man said: “After what we have been through we are due for a bit of luck. We want to be given the opportunity to have a girl.”

The woman, who is consumed by grief over the daughter who died soon after birth, admits she has become obsessed with having a daughter and it has become vital to her psychological health.

Victoria’s Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 bans sex selection unless it is necessary to avoid the risk of transmission of a genetic abnormality or genetic disease to a child.

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  1. January 15, 2011 10:50 pm

    It’s official the world is gonna end bckuzz every1 wants to do god’s job.

    Who are they to say they deserve luck. After 1 of their children already passes they kill 2 of thm there stupid af. Thts ur blessing.

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