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Ex-Police Chief On Trial For Child Killed With UZI

January 12, 2011

(illseed news) There are a few things that should never go together. Kids and Uzis are one of those things that should never go together. Former Pelham Police Chief Edward Fleury stand trial on Thursday morning at Hampden Superior Court in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Pelham will stand trial for the shooting death of an 8-year-old child that shot himself in the head after trying to fire a UZI machine gun. Pelham is on trial for manslaughter, because his firearms company co-sponsored a 2008 gun fair at a gun club.

Pelham, who is definitely not a genius, allowed an 8-year-old named Christopher Bizilj to fire a 9 mm micro Uzi. The recoil of the gun, kicked back and the boy ended up shooting himself in the head, killing him in front of his parents.

The former protector and server  has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter and other charges. Below is a video of the original tragic report.

Guns + crazy person =

Happy, Edward Fleury?

This is not what the founding fathers meant when they wanted the right to bear arms.

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