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Ted “Golden Voice” Williams Arrested Already

January 11, 2011

(illseed news) Gotdamnit. Let the man live already.

Ted “The Golden Voice” Williams has already been arrested after being a non-homeless man for slightly more than a week.

Ted, who was panhandling in freaking god-forsaken Ohio last week, was arrested after an argument with his daughter.

According to the Daily News, Williams was briefly detained by the LAPD at his Hollywood hotel last night, because he and his daughter were in an argument so loud that the fuzz were called. Neither was charged with a crime, but they were taken to the police station.

Dr. Phil swooped in like an albino vulture for an exclusive episode with Teddy’s ex-wife and estranged children. Damn you Phil.

You got what you needed didn’t you and now Ted has to deal with the mess.

Good luck Teddy.

Stay Golden from illseed news.

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