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January 6, 2011

ClaraReally? As long as I can recall, women have been the snoopers of the species. I mean, they go through their man’s phone log, his wallet, and even…gasp…his email! Well, well, well… One man decided to do that very same thing and he could end up getting jail time for the infraction. On top of it all, his slutty wife was actually cheating on him! Last night, his wife went on ABC’s nightline to reveal why she is seeking to put her spouse in the bing. Leon Walker, I hope you don’t have to serve a day in jail, but you are better off without that bird.

“I hope that he will let go of this anger that he has towards me … we are a team, whether he likes it or not.”

“But what does he expect me to do? I mean, he violated my privacy. I was violated. So what about me? … He’s making it all about him. He forgot what he did. And it’s not fair for him to keep this going and forgetting about what he actually did to me.”

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