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December 5, 2010

I’m hearing Rick Ross may have had an altercation out in upstate New York. Peep what somebody said:

The BAWSE arrested? Last night it went down at club Mare in Saratoga. NY. The biggest boss that youve seen thus far reportedly struck a woman in the face after she got too close to the star. Club Mare has been booking hip hop artists as of late in hope to draw new crowds in a new location. Mare has become Saratoga’s “Sneaky Pete’s”(Albany) if you will. Police blocked in two of the rappers suvs and started searching the vehicles, including Ross. FYI, Mare has NO STAGE to perform on!!! Ask Juelz Santana! Oct. 30th Juelz performed for a solid 7 minutes before ducking out early because he was feeling “very unsafe” as the crowd continued packing the small venue and bombarding velvet rope barricades to get a closer look.

With that said, no reports have been made and no other sources have come forward to corroborate this info. The mugshot is old.

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