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The Worse Haircuts Man Can Have – By illseed

May 31, 2010

The Worse Haircuts Man Can Have

By illseed
Here is a listing of the best of the worst hairstyles a man can have. Just don’t.

The Shag!

I hated the shag in the 80’s and I hated it when Kanye decided to reincarnate it. In my quest to find a picture of the shag, I couldn’t. A bunch of White woman came up, which leads me to believe that they have taken the shag that the black man created and now own the name.

Rapper Tum Tum also had a version of the shag, but it was a bit different and people called it a “tum tum.”

The white version of the Shag is the Mullet and it is also a loathed, yet popular hairstyle.

The Jheri Curl!

Back in the day, the Jheri curl was something donned by everybody from Walter Payton to Michael Jackson to Ice Cube. They all had one and we really didn’t mind so much. If you have one now, promptly jump off the nearest bridge. (Note: there have been signs that people under 25 have found renewed interest in the Jheri curl. Educate them.)

Ja Rule came very close to full-blown Jheri curl status in 2007.

The Gumby!

Some people have decided it cool to bring back some old cuts. I guess that’s fine if you are a parody of the 80’s but I don’t want so see anybody trying to go to work with a Jheri Curl Gumby as seen by Bobby Brown.

Gumby hairstyle made popular by Bobby Brown

Gumby - ain't no Fascia gonna hold him down!

Shout out to the originator – GUMBY.

Whatever Nokio is doing…!!

Nokio officially topped his sissy Sisqo in bad hair cuttery. Gotta throw R. Kelly and Sissy in there for good measure.


R. Kelly & Sisqo

3 Comments leave one →
  1. June 3, 2010 12:29 am

    Lmfaooo @ R.Kellys hair.

  2. not a tum tum permalink
    December 13, 2010 5:59 pm

    Nobody ever called it a tum tum. Its still a shag. That’s a Dallas hairstyle. Gumby is too now. We rock old stuff


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