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May 21, 2010


(Illseed News) Some people are just fools and the good town of Concord, NH is proof of this, as four men and a minor got a teen a tattoo that said “poop d**k.” It gets worse.

Donald Wyman, 20, Ryan Fisk, 19, Travis Johnson, 18, and Blake Van Nest, 18, are the adults and the 15-year-old accomplice is unnamed. Here is the story.

The four men reportedly forced a 14 year old to get a tattoo of an actual penis on his butt and said they wouldn’t beat him up if he did. The alleged bullies said he was going to get the damn tat whether he liked it or not.

The adults had some sort of home tattoo kit and forced him to the house and proceeded to tattoo the kid on his but, a bozack and the words “poop d**k.”

The boy attempted to stop them, but they said they would punch him in the face if he resisted.

OH. The kid has learning disabilities so these guys totally took advantage of him in everyway.

The suspects were caught and admitted they didn’t even know the kid’s name and only called him “Poop d**k.” Really? Yes.

They were all jailed and charged with the of sale of a controlled drug, endangering the welfare of a child, simple assault, tattooing without a license, criminal mischief and simple assault.


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