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Masonic actors and more NWO Illuminati movies Part 5

November 10, 2009

I don’t know why I post this stuff, but here you go. Some more new world order stuff! its all over the place these days!

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  1. December 2, 2009 10:12 pm

    It should be no surprise how far the Illuminati will go to gain control of the world.

    Here is a book that will detail the mind control techniques used by the illuminati to create mind control slaves.

    These are TRUE MIND CONTROL SLAVES that are being made and used for drug mules, international assassins, sex slaves, suicide bombers and secret messengers. This could be anyone, from your congressman to your cable guy.

    It is 350 pages of detail descriptions with illustrations.

  2. People Actvities permalink
    April 7, 2011 3:48 pm

    I apologize for posting here but I lost my spot where I was when an enlightened brother was running down the blood line.

    I wanted to add my research on that blood line. In my opinion, what we are witnessing is only a turf war among those who are a part of a bigger organization that has been doing this type of activity for many cycles in humanity’s development and their ultimate goal is to become one world order by any means necessary and humans have gotten in their way of doing just that.

    The enlightened brother gave a rundown of the hierarchy’s 13 families. This may be true but his rundown only listed a certain area — perhaps the domestic front for how the U.S. is run but did not include how the entire organization is run. That could be to focus on how the Black Nobility — Boule — fit into this organization and who they report to in the hierarchical organization scheme on the U.S. forefront.

    At this link:
    This excerpt gives a more global approach to expand on the enlightened brother’s domestic approach

    The Pindar is represented by the gold cap on the pyramid. The next layer, or “eye”, on the pyramid represents the 13 ruling families. They are as follows:


    Rothschild (Bauer or Bower) – Pindar


    Cavendish (Kennedy)

    De Medici







    Sinclair (St. Clair)

    Warburg (del Banco)

    Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

    This blood line has been in humanity’s development cycle for longer than we can comprehend. They were there before the Spoken Word that we use to translate our ideas and expressions today. So that’s why I believe when we look to the universe for answers; we only focus on the senses that are constantly being attacked in order to be controlled and manipulated. At the core of this is finding out people activities and I believe Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing interpretations helped me get a handle on the chaotic events that constantly bombard my senses daily The people activity areas are (Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor Law, Politics, War, Sex and Religion). Sometimes I can focus an occurrence on one area and other times I can begin to understand how this activity is connected to other areas.

    This link that I mentioned made sense to me in a way where I took the approach there has got to be an organized approach to disorganize a world population. I believe this link lists those connected to a certain blood line that has a code of “Does Not Exist”. Granted, the credibility of this source is still questionable but there are some portions of this source that rings true from some of the people that I worked around and how they behaved that are interesting. Some of their water cooler discussions was sprinkled with how better they are than the “you people’s” of the world. “The Staff” that I was included in to work on many projects noticed patterns among management type people. One that became so noticeable to us was how they would disappear on “Tuesdays” without explanations and how some of their facial expressions went from normal human expressions to terror in their eyes as if they had witnessed some type of traumatic event and dared not speak to no one as they withdraw little by little from those typical water cooler activities where they would share little tidbits about what they were up to. These are some very scary people to work around as they became more and more secretive. In my working around them, they truly honored the code of silence and will take it upon themselves to continue it even if they have to make the statement “Not on my watch” or “The Buck Stops Here”. Believe me; I’ve seen what they are capable of doing when discrediting someone. They will sit and watch you put out all the information that will lead to some truth and then take that information and spin it into oblivion in a heart-beat with dis-information; mis-information and no-information. They enjoy publicly humiliating any source and will put on the best clown show there is to prove their point as they discredit the source.

    And any available information source that we have of getting to the truth has a way of being monitored. They may not can stop all but they have a way of tracking anything electronic then establishing a way to control how that information is being received for our interpretation to further our human development. Just think about it, if they can take a drop of organic matter (your blood) and separate it down to the electro-magnetic pulses (which they call DNA, gnomes or melanin (that can distinguish what human tribe you came from, etc.); then don’t you think they have a way of separating mechanical electro-magnetic pulses (such as IP Addresses no matter how many pings or bounces it may travel to track the source — now let’s not even get on the digital ID signals that are embedded in the original email right before you press send that can be broken down?)

    Granted, I still love how I develop ways daily to live among humans peacefully and not allow myself to believe in my existence is in vain; so I continue to find it interesting to understand how we find the tools to develop.

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