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January 26, 2009

Alex Jones and KRS-One get gully.

“Just because we have an African American president, does this make us now more palatable to the agendas of a new world order a new world system. Just because we have an African American president does that erase the agenda that we already know is underway?” KRS-One said. This is DEEP.

Part I – “Stopping the violence” and “Obama”

Part 2 – “Obama”

Part 3 – “Obama”

Part 4 – “The State of the World”

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  1. January 26, 2009 1:59 pm

    KRS 1 hip hop legend.They are really touching on some real issues.KRS 1 is the man.I’m glad he had this convo with a white man cuz it ain’t always about race.We all gotta deal with these problems.

  2. January 26, 2009 3:08 pm

    has to be the realest shit i’ve heard!
    good way for me to wake up, literally, figuratively and mentally

  3. January 26, 2009 4:59 pm

    the realness…eyes wide shut

  4. EDOGZ818 permalink
    January 26, 2009 5:01 pm

    Pure truth & Pure Hip-Hop!

  5. sakerfa permalink
    January 26, 2009 11:14 pm

    hey, thanks for adding this to the site =) I run and we have a ton of information regarding the ‘new world order’, falst flags, including 9/11, govnt corruption, fascism, everything that has to do with this country being ripped of it’s wealth and it’s people being sent off to die in a foreign war, so the people responsible, the elite, can get away with it.

    peace and ❤ –

  6. January 27, 2009 1:11 am

    KRS-ONE spitting hot fire as usual should be required listening and reading for all incoming rapper 29 and under. Print transcripts of this interview and have the wanna be rappers take tests. This is what Rapping is all about. Rakim Allah, NAS, KRS-ONE, Public Enemy with Professor Griff no separation here motherfuckers, PARIS, Immortal Technique, just to name a few hip hop lives. Peace and Paradise!!!

  7. Marcus V permalink
    January 27, 2009 4:14 pm

    it is good just to hear that the word is getting out . it is scary that people voted for a person just for the fact that he was an African American . the funny part is if women were the majority vote Clinton would of won (just because she was a women)
    . now itis interesting that they had a back up plan (a spare black man) . not saying that there is anything wrong with Women and or Afro Americans . im Latino myself . the thought of a minority in office has built in hope and self propelled thought that seem to favor that particular group or kind that is in office . but when you snap back to REALITY and look around it is to late to fix anything . i have looked up Ron Paul what should i say how much money . do we need to get a guy like him to be recognized .

    he is white but — for the people ( i may be wrong ) but i haven’t seen or heard anything on him yet.

    thanks for reading -Have a good day

    • January 27, 2009 5:05 pm

      To say that they only voted for Obama b/c he was African American, its nothing less than ludicrous. That really undermines all the intelligent people that support Obama and the fact that he is an exceptional individual. Now, with that said THIS IS AMERICA so we know how that works. If I didn’t know better, I would think people wanted McCain in office. I like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, but THIS IS AMERICA. Those guys appear radical and scary to most Americans. Anyway, quite a few African Americans have run for president and none of them won so the notion that people voted for Obama only because of race is wholly flawed.

  8. freedomfranklin permalink
    January 28, 2009 6:13 am

    whats up with that follow up interview they had the next day? anyone have access to that 30min interview after the show at mohwawks?

  9. Graham Boston permalink
    January 28, 2009 12:59 pm

    whats radical about restoring the true value of your constitution to your country, with the Patriot Act and an ever present police state emerging you need people like Ron Paul and the ilk to take the wool of the peoples eyes and tell them the truth. I’m from the United Kingdom and we have already lost…but I will say fair play to most rappers investing in Precious metals(Gold, Platinum) because your dollar is not worth toiletpaper right now and has never been..thats something Obama needs to answer, he was the leading voice behind the banker bailout bill and the U.S has not improved and trillions of dollars are going into the pockets where it shouldnt be….Don’t Believe The Hype someone said.

    keep up the good work Illseed, big fan…could you possibly use your sources to find out where is Cam’ron….???

  10. big shaff permalink
    January 29, 2009 5:02 am

    Im glad the truth is finally getting out there. I now hope that knowing the truth wont become a fad, but funny enough the power with truth is that once you see it, its hard to let go. Truth is judgement so when you know something you are responsible for what you know, in other words you know better and have no excuse. I say that to say this. Do not only just seek truth my brothers and sisters, but also remember that faith without works is dead. work. remember to do your part in doing something about it. not just blogging and youtubing but really acting. This is no new science or belief, I myself have been privy to knowledge like this for over 15yrs and I am only 30. My quest for knowledge showed me that what is happening in america is far deeper and complex than any of us could try to explain. It didnt start with bush, or with obama. The fact is that the american people have been mislead since the start of this country.
    all for one cause. World Domination. Global Unity under the richest and most powerful people of the world. To my so called african-americans, lets not forget how we came to this country.

  11. Parsifal permalink
    January 30, 2009 5:44 pm

    AlexJones is a wing nut and a consprinoid freak he tried to crash a party (Ifroget what it’s called)becuse he thought they where performing human sacrfices. He also believes that FEMA is setting up Concintraicon camps in The Pacfic North West and that 9/11 wasan insdie job. For KRS One to give any time to this looser shows how far The Teacher has fallen off and I would say in this instance Knowldge does not reign supreme over everyone.

  12. veezathedreama permalink
    January 30, 2009 7:13 pm

    the following is a blog i tried to SEND TO ILLSEED AS A WRITING SAMPLE FOR ILLSEED.COM.

    In the wake of the recent historic election of our nations first black president I am left feeling awfully conflicted. Now normally after the election i just shrug and continue my typically apathetic american way. Perhaps my subconscious has been trained like a rebellious slave, its been whipped for thinking thoughts that are contrary to views i have been forced to accept. So usually i just get a little cnn in and listen to all of the things the bullshitter in chief once promised get scaled back until maybe one or two of the things are left, and when they those things get done i would smile like the hungry dog waiting for tablescraps…wagging my tail for the proverbial neck bone they eventually throw to us. But this election.. this election is different right? After all a “brotha” won!!!

    Yet somehow i realized that this can be used sooooo cleverly. Now certainly i am very proud of President Obama, and i have admired him for his entire campaign. I too was caught up in emotion as he accepted his nomination and i wondered what martin would have felt but mire importantly (to me) how Malcolm would feel. You see, had he been alive today he would have grown even more skeptical of the system. How would martin feel bout the countless house niggas that there are in the entertainment and athletic fields (where we hold most of our power in america) How would he feel about the house niggas in the senate, and house?

    Some of you are prolly like.. this nigga is out of his mind! But in the words of sticky “BBbbbbut wait it gets worse”. I dont believe in our political system. No i did not vote and no that doesnt make me a dumb american for not participating in the folly that is modern politics. Mr Obama the so called agent of change has hired alot of old souls to fill in the cabinet.. wheres ron paul? cynthia mckinney? those two were just some of the people i can name off of the top of my head that sounded like they wanted genuine change. they havent even been glanced at. Instead he hires tom daschle….lol….lol….lol….he wants to keep secretary gates lol.. lol… lol..and guess who he wants for sec of state? Billary!!!! The same old chick he accused of being part of the same old washington just a lil while ago to get ur vote. now the nigga is the prez… she is now wise beyond her years and is the best possible spokesperson for this “agent of change” Brotha ghostface said it dumb niggas.

    You see those in power do not concede to the will of the good people of this world easily. You the people have been educating urself about the BS that is our current state of affairs and they kno this. They know that you the people have been getting fed up with it.And they know that you the people were on the verge of tipping the system over. why? because we always have thes old white guys get elected to office, who get nothing done and are totally out of touch with whats affecting jo the plumber, bob the builder or carl the construction worker much less Hakeem the hustler. So they have to make a way for you to once again believe in them and how do we do that? Paint it black! Smart dumb niggas….

    Certainly you wouldnt think a brotha would do us wrong right? Never mind that president mugabe is black (ask the folks of zimbabwe bout him). Never mind the fact that the mayor of the nations capital was caught smoking crack. Never mind that the first slaves were given to their captors by thier own black people.Never mind that malcolm was killed by his own people. Na forget that!! Or at least thats what they want you to do.Believe that because he is black he is automatically in our favor, dismiss the treachery and flat out uncle tomism that has blanketed our history and most of all believe in this system. Smart dumb niggas…

    Never mind that he has yet to address the “lower” class. Never mind that throughout his entire campaign he never once talked of the war on drugs.. the biggest poison in minority community. Never mind that he has yet to address the prison industrial complex, the second leadin poison in the hood. How the fuck can he lift black people?His agenda is above alot of them who are not part of the middle class. Whats his message? Join the revolution…be part of the system? Wtf is revolutionary bout that? smart dumb niggas….

    You know, alot of people will say im bein pessimistic. Say that im dissin the first blk prez. but im just shinin a light on how smart/dumb we are. We as a society like to deny our racism. We like to say that we see no color. Yet, we got all dumb and stupified over a POLITICIAN because he is black and made it to the (supposed) top of the system. Nevermind that the elite come in all shade and operate to suit themselves. they shake hands and love one another no matter the color. They obtain wealth togrther and mingle no matter the color. But we regular folks we outline people due to their race or religion..maybe thats why there is never a concentrated effort for peace. How easy then would it be to fool these same people ? change the color of the game and in seconds .. those who were the systems biggest criticcs become its biggest fans.. alll cuzza dumb niggas

  13. orrac permalink
    February 2, 2009 12:33 am

    In answer to Parsifal’s post on 30 Jan. How tired do get in using terms such as “Conspiracy nut?”
    Not half as tired as I am of hearing it. The fact is people only use such quotes as this that are so out of touch with reality, that the actual truth when they hear it, sounds like the most obsurd thing they have ever come across. You really need to wake up from what ever trance you must find yourself in.

  14. orrac permalink
    February 2, 2009 4:08 am

    In answer to veezathedreama’s post 30 Jan. I agree with your attitude to the political system as it stands at the moment, I am a 35 year old white British guy (by birth) and I have never voted in any election campaign STAGED here in the United Kingdom. This being totally because I feel that there hasn’t been anybody worthy of my vote since my eledgability at 18.

    I also have to agree with Alex Jone’s view of Obama, whilst actually watching the TV footage on the morning of election result last year. My wife was ecstatic at the result and I asked her why this made her so happy, in answer she replied, I can not believe that the United States has actually voted a black man into the White House and that it is about time this happened. I had to agree with her on that, but then pointed out the fact that the situation all us people of Earth are in, has not changed. She argued that this result was certainly a step in the right direction.

    About two weeks later I remarked to her that I had read a report on some web page that gun sales in the USA had increased 1000% since the election result. You don’t think they are going to assassinate him before he has had a chance to do anything do you, she asked in alarm. I was only joking I hadn’t seen a report about gun sales I conceded, she told me I was a bastard and should not joke about such things. It was then that I told her my feelings on the matter and I had to confess that when I first heard the result two previously, I had been rather shocked that Obama had actually won the election and couldn’t quite believe it myself. But now having time for this to actually sink in and given it some thought, I made the suggestion that what if the agenda was to make Obama a scapegoat. I don’t understand my wife remarked, what if he has just been brought in as a target just at the right time to further advance their NWO push. Just seeing the look go over her face was enough to further cement my feelings on this matter were correct. Is there no limit to the amount of evil those Demons can actually wage in pursuit of their goal she screamed.

    A day or so later my wife remarked that if this actually turns out to be the case, then she would rather see the scenario carried out, of which I had joked about days earlier. This sent a chilling shiver through my whole body that such an act so evil as taking a mans life could ever look a more favourable option than that of allowing him to remain alive.

    I hope to God that both of us and Alex are wrong in our fears.

  15. moyphee permalink
    April 20, 2009 4:48 pm

    Whenever someone presents such messages one has to look at the complete picture. While not dismissing the obvious, both KRS and Jones are in the “words for money” business. KRS and Jones preach to their own choirs. Jones on the air and KRS on the college talk circuit. They deliver “the truth” for a price. Their core listeners are not interested in waking up as much as they looking for confirmation of the suspicions and fears. No different than a Rush Limbaugh on the other side of spectrum , both Jones and KRS are well compensated to give you this “truth” for a price. That said , they are both active participants of the same system of social manipulation they both rage against in several respects.

    A sheep is a sheep regardless of the shepherd.

  16. Paul Isaac (NYsentinel) permalink
    June 14, 2009 7:33 pm

    Theres’ no Justice on stolen land

    Too much blood spilled

    Too much REDRUM

    Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)

  17. Paul Isaac (sentinel) permalink
    July 6, 2009 2:13 am

    Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)
    June 30, 2009 at 12:09 pm
    Note: forwarded message attached. Dec. 8, 2006
    Knowing how sensitive for example the generally absent “9/11 Truth” activist Joe Carranza is about spelling, I want to correct a typo in my attached e-mail exposing Les Jamieson for the total fraud that he is. In the last paragraph the word “brownshorts”, referring to Geoffrey Blank’s armed thugs, should read “brownshirts.” Indeed, if the wacko, photographed “squat- ter” Carl Rosenstein had worn brown shorts, his club would have been visible.
    As far as reports of Frank Morales’ involvement in hard drug use and trafficking are con- cerned, I would think, since Jamieson presumably knows nothing about this matter (unless he is also involved) that, if only to protect himself legally, he follow the advice that he some- times whispers to me and to keep his mouth shut. Reports of drug use and trafficking involv- ing St. Mark’s-in-the-Bowery Assistant Pastor Morales should be investgated by the Episco- pal Church and by law enforcement. It’s bad enough that, in inviting Tarpley to speak, “9/11 Truth” was host to man associated with a convicted felon like Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
    Tom Weiss – Member, St. Mark’s in-the-Bowery Church.

  18. Paul Isaac (sentinel) permalink
    July 6, 2009 2:13 am

    Paul Isaac (NYsentinel) Says:
    July 5th, 2009 at 5:15 pm
    Paul Isaac (NYsentinel) Says:
    July 5th, 2009 at 4:00 pm
    Comment from you tube video of Evolution of 9/11 Truth at St Mark’s posted by: Paula Gloria
    “This rare gem was passed to Paula Gloria by Joe Friendly and upon viewing got her interested in understanding not why Nico Haupt was a lunatic but what incredibly deep unmet need was at the basis of the tragic expressions that turned purportedly pro-investigation people to march lock-step along a predetermined understanding of what happened technically to bring down the towers during 9/11.  A few weeks after this turbulent meeting Dan Wallace died (or was killed) and “We Are Change” initiated when Luke and Les Jamieson, the leader of 9/11 “Truth” parted ways.  The newly formed “We Are Change” never met at St Marks and started to have a physical meeting space at Warren 12 while Les Jamison, under the watchful eye of Frank Morales the then Reverend of St Marks, remained at St. Marks initially organizing and raising money.  They illegally indicated people could have a tax write-off for donations to a political cause putting St Mark’s 501c3 at legal risk when raising money for the 9/11 Ballot initiative designed by Carl Person.  This initiative had the all important Office of City Attorney General included so that the required funding plan could be included; without it it would never fly.  Whoever wanted a real investigation to NOT happen realized the danger that Office of City Attorney General presented for not only 911 Truth but many other urgent wrongs, including our financial crisis.  Thus a certain Dr Pepper of shady background was put on the project to destroy it.  This was done by seducing Frank Morales and Les Jamieson the leader of 9/11 “Truth” with money IF the critical office of City Attorney General was removed from the ballot initiative (rendering it impossible to pass through the legal requirements).  It would never have a chance.  This was done against the wishes of the steering committee, proving yet again that all 9/11 truth at St Marks is done only by Les Jamieson and Frank Morales who despite being “retired” as Reverend still seems to be at St Marks running 9/11 meetings behind the scenes with a cadre of supporters.  It is worthy of note that Dr Pepper was accused of pedophilia in the Northeast (can someone out there give me more details?) and such accusations are supported by material in his own book “The Self Motivated Child”, showing he was perfect for a job that gives earnest and innocent truth seekers an eternally limited form of 9/11 truth.  Why do such practices still continue with questionable responsibility at St Marks under the hand of Frank Morales and Les Jamieson ensuring that real truth and the ensuing freedom that comes about in truth’s presence never develops?
    What is happening to 9/11 “Truth” at St Marks today?”

    Comment from Paula Gloria on “evolution at st marks”

  19. Paul Isaac (sentinel) permalink
    July 18, 2009 2:20 am

    Paul Isaac (NYsentinel) Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 1:15 pm
    o Jimmy Walters, who appeared at St Marks church at a 9/11 Truth event and showed a film focusing on the sexual habits, homosexuality, bestiality and sexual perversions (in detail) of members of the Bush administration. Many of those in attendance left, appalled at the content being presented at a Les Jamieson promoted 9/11 event.

    WTF !!!???

    IN A CHURCH !!!???


  20. Paul Isaac (sentinel) permalink
    July 20, 2009 2:20 am

    Jimmy Walters, who appeared at St Marks church at a 9/11 Truth event and showed a film focusing on the sexual habits, homosexuality, bestiality and sexual perversions (in detail) of members of the Bush administration. Many of those in attendance left, appalled at the content being presented at a Les Jamieson promoted 9/11 event.

    Les Jamieson
    National Coordinator
    NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative / NYCCAN

  21. Paul Isaac (sentinel) permalink
    August 9, 2009 6:33 pm

    “Jimmy Walters, who appeared at St Marks Church at a 911 truth event and showed a film focusing on the sexual habits, homosexuality, beastiality and sexual perversions (IN DETAIL !) of members of the Bush administration. Many of those in attendance left, appalled at the content being presented at a Les Jamieson promoted 911 event.”

    ” I firmly believe that many of the alleged passengers on the alleged aircraft are still alive, and quite frankly, I think they were all working for the Goverment.”

    (Jimmy Walters) *promoter of Willie “im a hero pay me” rodrigues (NYCCAN)

    “We will move forward and want all to know that Les Jamieson’s devotion to the cause and leadership is highly valued and supported by the overwhelming majority as you’ll see below.”
    (Luke Rudkowski)

    Les Jamieson 
    National Coordinator
    NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative / NYCCAN

    Please Donate…

    “P.S. If you dare,copies of the Urantia Book can be purchased through the website NYCCAN.ORG.” Les Jamieson | 06.01.09 ..

  22. Paul Isaac (sentinel) permalink
    August 9, 2009 7:02 pm

    “My sources in the Obama Administration also inform me that Federal agents are planning a raid…”
    Les Jamieson | 13 April 2009

    “I personally sat down with local law enforcement and contacted attornies regarding libel.To repeat,you will never stop us with lame insults.We are right and you know it!! Onward,Les”
    Les Jamieson | 05.28.09 – 6:08 pm | #

  23. Paul Isaac (sentinel) permalink
    August 10, 2009 12:52 am

    “My sources in the Obama Administration also inform me that Federal agents are planning a raid…”
    Les Jamieson | 13 April 2009

    “I personally sat down with local law enforcement…”
    Les Jamieson | 05.28.09 – 6:08 pm |

    Les Jamieson
    National Coordinator
    NYC Ballot Initiative / NYCCAN

  24. Paul Isaac (sentinel) permalink
    August 12, 2009 8:39 pm

    Here les jamiesons last “get rich”” scam.
    Can we please have a RICO investigation, dammit?
    16.. The Commissioners and the NYCAG are not required to devote 100% or substantially all of their time to the work of the
    Commission or NYCAG, and it is expected that Commissioners and the NYCAG will be able to continue with non-conflicting
    activities including teaching, writing, consulting, Internet activities, and other.
    Commission members will be paid a base annual salary of $112,500, plus up to $20,000 per year in expenses.

  25. Paul Isaac (sentinel) permalink
    August 13, 2009 11:42 pm

    Paul Isaac ( NYsentinel) Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 3:19 pm
    From: Paul 
    Date: August 13, 2009 7:11:23 PM EDT
    To: “”
    Subject: NYCCAN / MURDER 911 Firefighters Son ?!!!


    “Dan Wallace was the son of Lt. Robert Wallace, a NYC firefighter who perished in the 911 attacks. Dan realized that the story the government gave his family was fraudulent. He became an ardent 911 Truth Activist, a powerful speaker, and a leader in the fight to expose the lies and bring his father’s killers to justice. Dan vowed not to stop until the end, but it was an end that came much too soon for this brave and noble young hero.”

    “the film “Dedicated” was made with Dan Wallace, and was made for Dan Wallace well before he was taken from us. This is a tribute to one who has fallen and who leads us still.”

    “I only wished Danny could have seen how these people turn things around and use people. Danny was a smart kid and very reasonable to talk to and he will sit and listen to someone side to a story in a debate. But when he called me to look at the Loose Change video I some what believed in some of it but that was because I had no clue about anything Loose Change was telling me so I kept an open mind and did some research of my own. I also told Danny about my doubts but he seemed so caught up in this “Movement for truth” he was almost blind to it. It was like they told him what to think and when you are always with someone (this someone was Luke) that tells you how to think and always has something to say about what experts say I guess you can be blinded. To me Danny just wanted the truth and the answer to why his father died. But he got caught up in these theories instead and was steered away fro m the truth and blinded by these people.

    As far as how Danny died, the police did say it was natural. What out family was told by the Autopsy was because of the overdose of unknown pills, sleeping pills or downer pills our family is not sure of what kind of pills he took but because of a combination of that and his heart disease which he were un aware of until his death that is what caused his death. Heart disease and taking those pills.

    His girl friend sabrina rivera was with him the night he died. She is heavily into the 911truth.orgmovement.

    I do not know the full story of what happened to my nephew but from what we my family were told by Danny’s girl friend sabrina rivera (what i am about to tell you i am still so confused about because her story changed so much into what happened or what he or she did that night, only sabrina rivera really knows)

    Version 1: Danny stayed over at her house that night in Queens and was having trouble breathing, sabrina rivera thought nothing of it and just let him sleep and in the morning she found him very blue and called 911.

    Version 2: Danny was having trouble sleeping so he took some sleeping pills was having trouble breathing sabrina rivera thought nothing of it so in the morning when she woke she found him blue and not breathing.

    Version 3: sabrina rivera and Danny had just got back from a party and Danny had bought the pills at the party from someone, took them to help him fall asleep. He took 1, then said these pills aren’t working so took about 15 or some stupid amount of these pills and later that night was having trouble breathing, sabrina rivera waited till morning when she woke and saw he was blue and not breathing.

    Version 4: Danny had bought these pills from this kid and sabrina rivera is unsure how many pills he took or what kind they were but the pills had some numbers on it. In the morning She found him blue and not breathing.

    Now after his death our friends were telling all different kind of things that sabrina rivera had told them what happened these were the versions I heard had happened. So many things went in my mind theories. I wanted to put blame but I don’t know the truth. I do know she know more to what happened then she was telling us. But she loved Danny and Danny loved her, she went out with Danny for years I believe it was 7 or 8 years they have been seeing each other. What really kills me though I hear now she is currently with this Luke kid the one that was suppose to be Danny’s newly found best friend who dragged him into the truth911 movement! I am so outraged by this but I keep quite because of my family.

    Our Family is together as a whole but Danny’s mother and my mother Danny’s grandmother wants to believe in truth911 movement because Danny believed in it so much as they see it, to me he was almost brain washed and being feed misinformation by them. But they are mothers, what are they suppose to do? shortly after Danny’s death, Dan was suppose to do a speech for the truth911 in Las Vegas but because of his death his mother went there to speak for Danny.

    Also what got me, was when Danny was alive the truth 911 was telling Danny they will be making a movie about all of this and he was going to be in the movie. It really seemed to me like they used Dan. Their videos on you tube of Dan really shows it they used Danny and his fathers name so they can push their own ideas on people. It is not a movement for truth but a movement for their thoughts and propaganda to be pushed on victims of 911 and the america people.

    You know what really pisses me off about this? It’s not that Luke lied about Dan’s death or Infowars is using a corpse for their gains, but that I am completely unshocked by this entire situation. I’ve been dealing with these psychos for over a year and seen their tactics. This does not surprise me


    ok in this video posted by wearechange. Rivera first flashed my brother in laws prayer card!!!! and then is yelling in the video ” i didn’t find my family member because of you, because you threw them away” and then so goes on ” I didn’t find them because of this scum” WTF she did not lose anyone 9/11 and she is not my family member why the hell do they put my family into this? They have no respect at all for anyone, I lost all respect for Rivera we told her to leave our family out of this These people seriously have something wrong with them, they just lie and don’t care what they are lying about.

    Do you people really care about the victims? Because i know Sabrina and she did not lose anyone 9/11 she is a lair just like you people it seems. WE HAVE ASKED TO LEAVE OUR FAMILY OUT OF THIS AND NOT TO SPEAK FOR DANNY WALLACE BECAUSE HE CAN’T SPEAK FOR HIMSELF ANYMORE PERIOD!


    – NLROSA-Dans Uncle

    *  A few weeks after this turbulent meeting Dan Wallace died (or was killed) and “We Are Change” initiated when Luke and Les Jamieson, the leader of 9/11 “Truth” parted ways.” 

    * Suijuris InfoWarrior: 9/11 A Legal Holiday?
    Jul 9, 2008 .. Sabrina A. Rivera Treasurer –Founder “Killing for peace is like f***ing for ..… – Optiona

    * Rivera Sabrina – Email, Address, Phone number, everything …Jun 17, 2009 .. Sabrina Rivera: Luke Rudkowski’s GF IS A JESUIT! “Americans want to throw off that ideological .. -Options

    * “The 9/11 Movement in NYC is really strong, both in this group, and in the other important group, We Are Change. I’m active with both groups, as a part of laying the groundwork for planning the big 9/11/09 conference, “Real Change and Transparency.”

    Les Jamieson
    National Coordinator
    NYC Ballot Initiative / NYCCAN

    Click to Edit (3 minutes and 50 seconds)

  26. Scott McCrary permalink
    October 11, 2009 10:53 pm

    If we really want to know what is going on just read the book of Daniel in the bible. It is time for people to wake up and understand that Christ will rule and reign. Even though these powers will try to take over all those who stand for the truth and God’s word is the only truth we will be the ones who will be saved. Christians together probably has more money and power than any other group in the world. This is why alot of legislature that is being passed is meant to take away the power from the church. How do you weaken a church you make the people that go to church poor and then you will see church doors close. Once people see that they have no hope in the church then they will put their hope in this New World Order with whoever is in charge of it. This is prophesied in the bible and the people of God need to unite more than ever right now. We need to take back out cities and countries that were founded on biblical principles. We have the ability to shut the mouths of these corporate giants that are running our country now. If we keep our money within our group then the corporate giants loose their money. If we have our own manufacturing, medical facilities, etc then we don’t need them. This is why the Jewish culture is hated so much. They are self-sustaning and have no need for government. They keep all their prosperity within their culture and the government can’t crack it. This is a principle that God has laid up for his children since the beginning of time. He is the source and we are to put our hope in him. Not a black or white face but God! WAKE UP PEOPLE. WAKE UP.

  27. March 23, 2010 2:14 am

    Wow this is awesome, there is tons of alex jones stuff on youtube

  28. July 4, 2010 7:32 pm

    Krs-One KIND of believes this stuff, I think–but also does it to play the ROLE of “teacher/philosophy”–which is how he’s made a living. On his new album, “It’s All Good” with his “apprentice,” Greenie, they’ve got a track called “Real Terrorism”–in which Krs-One and Greenie go so far as to question the U.S. government — accusing it of the same terrorism we say others do… Does Krs-One REALLY believe that stuff? Hmmmm

  29. laughing at you permalink
    July 14, 2010 3:41 am

    in about 4 seconds the teacher is about to make a complete ass of himself. oh wait, thats been going on since the 80s. still has skillz though.

    if any of this shit was marginally true, why would “they” allow alex jones and krs 1 to exist? unless of course alex jones and krs1 are all part of the devious master plan!!!

    so on one hand the govt. is so completely incompetent, yet on the other can masterfully manipulate everyone and everything in a conspiracy involving 1000s and yet there is no evidence whatsoever other than the base corruption and cronyism thats plain for everybody to see. theres no conspiracy – its right in front of your face you morons. but keep making shit up and seeing animals in the clouds and jesus in oil stains.


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