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December 15, 2008

In this time of AIDS, you would think that this man would at least pull out a condom. You don’t know what that pillow has or who else has been humping it! Now, I have to say this is the craziest display EVER. Somebody get this guy a girl!

Practice makes perfect!

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  1. December 15, 2008 4:05 am

    ruined my night.

  2. steven permalink
    December 15, 2008 4:15 am

    The spanking is the best

  3. Pingu_d permalink
    December 15, 2008 4:29 am

    Dont think il ever be able to blink again without seeing that

    Straight up WRONG, then again suppose big ppl gotta get some love2

  4. AtribecalledQ permalink
    December 15, 2008 7:39 am

    Unnecessary……but funny. why dude? why?

  5. December 15, 2008 11:49 am

    am i the only surprise that the bed didnt fall?

  6. Spursguy permalink
    December 15, 2008 12:34 pm

    What the fuck?! 1)Why would he think of doin that? 2) Why in the hell did he post it on Youtube?

  7. December 15, 2008 1:53 pm

    wow! kinda looks like sean kingston actually but but WOW! this dude trippin! Can’t believe he put that shit on youtube

  8. Wish a mofo wood permalink
    December 15, 2008 3:24 pm

    This is the era we live in when people go to these lengths for 5 mins of fame. If people would not entertain stupid acts like this then idiots like this would not do these things.

  9. The truth permalink
    December 15, 2008 4:20 pm

    Man! This dude is REALLY freakin the pillow, and then pours honey on sunflower seed!?!! “U gotta luv sunflower seeds..” lmao But the worst part is he recorded it, then allowed it to hit the web?!?! LOL a true failure…

  10. nene permalink
    December 15, 2008 4:32 pm

    lol he was dead serious about gettin him some pillow love

  11. Krislett permalink
    December 15, 2008 7:27 pm

    Quite hilarious but whats gross is he dug in his belly button…smelled n sucked his fingers after it. gross. or maybe my eyes deceived me?

  12. December 15, 2008 9:17 pm

    Never Stay over Dude House He Just Wanna F*** something! Wonder what he does with his food?

  13. blankspace permalink
    December 16, 2008 2:42 pm

    OMG!!!! I aint laf so hard for a whole 2:27sec in awhile. Yeah he really needs a gurl, i hope he doesnt do that for every slow song

  14. dboi21 permalink
    December 17, 2008 12:46 am

    The pillow just looked helpless. It wasn’t feeling the rape and I could tell by just watching. He was manhandling it and it couldn’t do anything. Just sick. I don’t care how many times he washes that pillow after that…it’s just not a pillow anymore.

  15. Wang permalink
    March 18, 2009 12:40 am

    Speaking of Bill Clinton:

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    Respectfully Submitted by Andrew Y. Wang, J.D. Candidate
    B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
    Messiah College, Grantham, PA
    Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993

    (I can type 90 words per minute, and there are probably thousands of copies on the Internet indicating the content of this post.)
    “If only it were possible to ban invention that bottled up memories so they never got stale and faded.” Off the top of my head—it came from my Lower Merion High School yearbook.

  16. ShaunBless permalink
    April 25, 2009 4:29 am

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