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November 13, 2008

Many underestimated Jim Jones. When word of the Harlem mayor’s bright idea of the theatrical production “Hip-Hop Monologues: Inside the Life & Mind of Jim Jones” promoting his latest album got around, snickers were abound, no doubt. But last night behind the doors of 37 Arts performing house in New York City, Jim Jones and crew proved a lot of naysayers wrong.

The evening began with the pseudo red carpet, paparazzi posing presence of Damon Dash, Bethann Hardison (Yes!! For Real!!), Melyssa Ford, Mona Scott, and Dipset, of course. About a half hour after the event was scheduled to start, lights flickered in the relatively medium sized theater, and a child’s incomprehensible philosophical narration belted through the speakers while images of Jim Jones played out on screens mounted stage left and right. The live band, which was housed on the second tier of the stage, began to play and the creatively designed Harlem streets setting was bustling with the bodies of actors.

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