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September 14, 2008

Nelly expresses his views on the Ice-T / Soulja Boy debate… It would appear that he got a flashback from his own beef with KRS-One a few years ago.

KRS-One said it, “You’ve got to have style and learn to be original…and everybody’s gonna wanna diss you.”

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  1. September 15, 2008 2:45 pm

    Yo.. Word 2 Dat Shit…. Old Niggaz Do Hate! The Old Niggaz Who Dont Hate Got No Problem In The Game.. Nelly’s one of the old niggaz now.. He knockin on 40’s door…. I F**K wit his views tho…

  2. bigstan permalink
    September 15, 2008 3:48 pm

    Outstanding Nelly ! You have a great understanding of what it is !

  3. September 15, 2008 4:12 pm

    Yea thats wat it is..! Ice T gotta realize that his SON prolly listen to soulja boy! haha!! but Nelly seem so humble and you gotta respect a artist like dat. Dat nigga look like he would whoop a nigga azz ! LMAO

  4. September 15, 2008 4:35 pm

    It’s not about being old. It’s about maintaining the integrity of the art form called HIP-HOP. True, Soulja Boi does represent SOME elements of HIP-HOP and he does produce his own music (If you can call that PRODUCTION) but the Fore-Fathers were at one time 16 and 17 and the level of ingenuity and intellect that was expected of you when HIP-HOP began, was MUCH higher than what is expected of the youth NOW. Don’t be FOOLED….the system is meticulously dumbing DOWN our youth. there’s very little social commentary in todays music…..and very little substance. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with having fun….we all need to escape at times but a majority of our time should be spend building and better preparing for our and our children’s future.

    NO, Soulja Boi is not SINGLE-HANDEDLY ruining HIP-HOP. There are plenty and I mean PLENTY of elements and variables ruining the IDEA of HIP-HOP right now. More should not only be expected from our youth but from our ELDERS as well. Stop EXCUSING the nonsense…..STOP making it O.K. to say absolutely NOTHING…..and STOP buying into this AGE-GAP mentality. I am 37 and I still pump REAL HIP-HOP DAILY in my ride……windows down…..DISTURBING THE PEACE!!! I also OWN 4 successful BUSINESSES as well so don’t tell ME SHIT about HIP-HOP until you can TRULY articulate your position and have it make sense.

    It is saddening and disheartening to hear the older members of the HIP-HOP community be disrespected in the manner that they are. NO other genre of music chews up and spits out our own worse than in the rap community. The youth should be LEARNING from Ice-T, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, De LA Soul, Kool Herc and the list goes on but they look at them as washed up. Why do they HAVE to stay relevant based on todays DANCE CRAZE. Why CAN’T we use HIP-HOP for the TOOL that it was meant for…..enlightening the masses as well as entertaining. No one is telling Phil Collins, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Metallica or Chuck Berry that they are not relevant so WHY do we do it to our own. This mentality needs to stop. Stop allowing those outside of the community to dictate how we should embrace and not embrace our artists.

    Read “Behold the Pale White Horse”……it speaks vividly of how the radio and television will be used to dumb down our youth….ESPECIALLY in urban areas so that they will NOT be prepared when the REAL shit goes down…..all they’ll know how to do is “CRANK THAT SOULJA BOI!” These are SERIOUS times and we ALL need to be INFORMED and HIP-HOP music is one of the best if not THEE best to do so!

  5. September 15, 2008 4:55 pm

    U can’t help but 2 hear that crap if it’s everywhere

  6. EDOGZ818 permalink
    September 15, 2008 4:56 pm

    hIP hOP isn’t a product like pants or sweater. Rap is though. Use the gift of MC’ing to uplift & benifit humanity & our people. See how Nelly dissed the sisters & then got dissed by the college chicks? $hyt comes back 10 x .

    Be an asset to the community , not a liability. Promote positivity , even it whitey doesn’t let it sell. Look at the fake Rick Ross & his lyrics.

    Evolve Man. Evole

  7. A. PAPI permalink
    September 15, 2008 5:54 pm

    he speakin real shit…

  8. Greg permalink
    September 15, 2008 6:17 pm

    Knocking 40’s door down? Ahhh, come on, the guy is only 34.

  9. mark permalink
    September 15, 2008 6:27 pm

    actually nelly is trash but someone needs to teach the youth about the culture

  10. outlawd permalink
    September 15, 2008 8:35 pm

    Yea I dont *$%# wit Nelly musik but he definitely has valid points on this subject! Nigaz gittin kinda old in age but shortys still need to understand the history of hip hop. these lil cats dont no about the musik they are doing it but they have no idea about the foundation which is certainly disrespectful becuz they are what got hip hop this far so we gota respect it! Much luv to ice-t & krs, i say fuck soulja boi wit his garbage musik but thats my personal opinion.

  11. outlawd permalink
    September 15, 2008 8:37 pm

    PS i dont have a ice-t or krs album but i still respect them nigaz. Shout out to ICE-T 4 H.U.S.T.L.E.R! LOL!

  12. September 15, 2008 10:02 pm

    THE COMMENTS made above by EROCENTRIQUE where official.

  13. Bdizzle permalink
    September 15, 2008 10:51 pm

    In response to EroCentrique:

    I hate when people sit here and talk about “hip-hop is dying.” People sure do have selective memories. If the radio is the standard bearer for whether or not hip hop is alive then I would say that hip hop has been dead for years. Most of the urban music that is played on the radio is simply that…radio friendly. True hip hop has NEVER gotten much play on the radio. While it is true that Tupac dropped gems in his music you were more likely to hear “How do you want it” than “Brenda’s got a baby.” I’m not saying that introspective and intelligent songs were never popular with the radio. The fact is that artists have been making singles designed to produce sales for years. The music that is popular is not dumbing down the youth. It’s simply dance music and should be looked at as such. The youth gravitates towards this type of music. I listened to Onyx “slam” in my pre-teen years. The song is hot but it isn’t about shit. Or how about Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre “Nothing but a G Thang.” Once again…a hot song…popular as shit on the radio…but not really dropping any knowledge on anyone. Does this mean that there wasn’t intelligent music during this time? NO. It just means that people wanted to listen to party jams on the radio and while they were at the party/club. It’s just common sense. In fact, let me steal a line from Jay-Z “Truthfully, I wanna rhyme like Common Sense, but I did five mil, I ain’t been rhymin’ like Common since.” Why? Because Jay realized that radio friendly doesn’t necessarily mean thought provoking. Indeed, let’s not forget that Sugarhill Gang’s classic “Rapper’s Delight” has a chorus that goes:
    i said a hip hop the hippie the hippie
    to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop
    the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie
    to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat

    If you want introspection then turn off your radio and your BET/MTV (because these outlets never were providers of “real” hip-hop) and pick up a Saul Williams or Black Ice album. If you want lyrics that are about something then go pick up a Little Brother, a Kidz in the Hall, etc. album.

    Once again, this is not to say that there aren’t artists out there that are successful in making songs that are both radio-friendly (therefore heard and played often) and intelligent. It’s great that you’re a grown 37 year old man still blasting music with your windows down (no, actually that’s debateable) but let’s not pretend that dance music hasn’t been popular amongst the youth for years and shall continue to be. One side of hip hop does not destroy the other. There’s a reason why underground rap has always been introspective and less popular. Introspective rap has not truly been popular mainstream wise for a very long time so let’s stop pretending that it this is a recent phenomenon.

  14. tizzle permalink
    September 15, 2008 11:15 pm

    Man ppl gotta understand that LEARNING and giving deep social commentary isn’t what’s hot right now. It’s like the ppl against what Nelly is saying didn’t hear one real word of what he said. Times change so you either adapt or shat yo damn trap. When ice-t and nwa and run dmc was out and Queen Latifah was out it was a time of revolution. It was a new era and really the beginning of it all.

    So their social commentary was well welcomed but this is a new age. Social commentary is taking the backseat in the back of the bus and yall can’t take it. Hip hop has been about a mix of styles and this new era is an evolved(some might say devolved) form of hip hop. So it just has to be accepted or changed, but not necessarily changed back to what it was, jus somtin diff. Yall betta watch NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and learn somtin. Yall think it’s dead b.c of solja boy and lil wayne but think what it wud b if it wasn’t for newer artist not representing the original style?? Imagine if ICE T, AND CUBE, AND KRS was running the game now. The game wud really b dead b.c it wouldn’t sell shh b.c they can’t relate to the youth..period.

    And ppl talking about the integrity and all but there has to be a balance bruh. Nigs ain’t in this thing jus for the integrity. It’s about a balance of money, self respect, and the love of music.

    The older listeners will never understand b.c they want the 1990s to live forever. That’s not how it works. Yall acting like Nas not still around to bring yall classiscs. Did yall not hear his last album? N if u heard it then you must ain’t listen. This is still hip hop, maybe not what YOU feel it needs to be but this is it. It ain’t dead, it’s jus reborn n gave birth to somethin else and yall treating the new baby like the ugly duckling cause it don’t fit YO standards of what hip hop is.

    And you say it’s sad that the elders getting disrespected but he arguing wit a kid. How elderly is that ready? What kinna of example is ice t setting for anybody. I MEAN ICE T TALKS ABOUT HOEING AND PIMPIN AND THAT’S THE SOCIAL COMMENTARY KIDS SHUD HAVE?!?!! Someone gotta take the blame and guess it has to be the new generation. like yall generation didn’t talk about sex alll the damn time. Now a song like kiss kiss or lolli pop get made and the next thing out they mouth is “that’s what’s wrong wit the youth today”…Yall don’t understand n it seems ya neva will…if the age gap ain’t the problem then what the hell is??????>tizzle

  15. Imnot Gonnastopp permalink
    September 15, 2008 11:18 pm

    To further quote KRS, “you know what you need to learn/ old school artist’s don’t always burn/ you’re just another rapper thats had his turn.” Now I personally dont fuck with this “new” shit, cuz I like shit that is mind building, even when Im being entertained I don’t wanna be talked to like Im retarted. Truthfully alot of todays music is stuck on stupid and happy to be so. Im not talkin as a hater, because as much I love the hip hop I came up on, in comparrison to what my parents listened to it wasn’t music. In actuality its more than music its a way of life and its global now. Just like our parents couldn’t control us once we came of age, we cant control the directions hip hop goes in. Still these young rappers need to learn to respect and revere the ones that came before them, and hip hop as a culture and music has to be defined by the true fans and participants not the media. And we definitely gotta get off this willie lynch mentality of the young against the old. This newest generation is in trouble, they dont want our help or advice, but they need it and its our responsibility.

  16. Solo permalink
    September 15, 2008 11:22 pm

    Nelly makes a good point if you only care about record sales and gettin paid( part of me ain’t mad at that). And he even says it when he says ” maybe it shouldn’t be that way but that is the way it is”. But he comes from kinda the same cloth as a Soula Boy in a sense( Not a diss, just the truth). Krs-one gave him the business a few yrs back about true hip hop. Basically the point is we have to make sure that we not selling out. Just cause they throw a lil doe at us will act like Sambo and dance for a check. Sad but the truth in hip hop today. You can’t blame this on souja boy tho..he is a 17 yr old kid. He just doing what’s profitable..,the same as Nelly. But i don’t think they understand the power of the spoken word and what kind of effect it can have. And my moms never told me not to listen to RUN-DMC OR LL. IT WAS REAL MUSIC. and even our parent could tell.

  17. September 16, 2008 1:38 am

    Nelly has his opinions and he actually had good points 2 even if he said em a bit harshly with that said I got my own opinion of nelly and soulja boi. Its not that them 2 niggas can destroy hip hop but for damn if they cant contribute 2 it, both yall motherfuckers suck and yeah nelly I might as well say fuck your wack ass back ,cause I wont be buying your album. How the fuck u gonna defend soulja boi by doing the same shit soulja himself chastised ice t for which is talking shit but niggas like yall did contribute 2 the game by making me research older artist who could make feel good music and spit at the same time. I really dont hate on no man but the way you were talking bout ice t being irrelevant which is laughable since your 2 pringles chips away from being the same was fucked up 2 me but god forbid I wouldnt tell no man how he should express his opinions thats how u felt, but for someone like me who likes lyrics the best thing u ever did was that rap city ‘freestyle’ other than that ice t ‘old ass’ to me left a bigger impact than nelly ever did so in ice’s own immortal words nelly with your garbage ass EAT A DICK .

  18. goodsoulove permalink
    September 16, 2008 2:39 am

    see this is a prime example of salty assedness sissified actin like downlow faggots always got some bullshit to say attention seeking catty girl mouth niggas (Lemon Iced-tea lol and Krs one) against humble down to earth real good dudes who dont start problems wit people and dont talk violent or big headed (soulja boy and nelly)

    ice t is a hater, his music is/was ass full of shit hate and more bullshit hate, he claims he started gangsta rap, great accomplishment fam, way to help us progress, he claims he’s a pimp calls women bitches n hoes, another great accomplishment doggy with all the good a nigga like you does its no reason our people are still fucked up, sike….i never liked ice t or krs one i always thought they were some hatefull niggas and im an old school cat, i thought krs was foul for dissin mc shan when the nigga never actually dissed him, krs claims he started all beef in the rap game, great accomplishment fam, pac n big unfortunately were influenced by a big nosed hater like you, if they werent maybe shit would be different, on the beef dvd this nigga krs looked just like the big headed hater he always was laughin at shan and showing no sympathy guilt or regret for knowing that shan had never dissed him in the first place, and he ruined his career, no apology nothing, promoting hate is krs ones greatest accomplishment, would pac n big be alive if krs was the spread love type of nigga buildin his people up, think about it

    now to the humble niggas trying to do good, nelly and soulja boy, neither of these cats talk crazy about shooting their people pimping hoes and bitches selling drugs to their people or beefin wit rappers they dont like, I HAVE MAD RESPECT for anyone tryin to do right, and these two have every opportunity to exploit their own people on some negative shit yet they dont, NONE OF EM TRIED TO RUIN ANOTHER MANS CAREER, they make feel good music, NONE OF EM TALK LIKE VIOLENT FAKE GANGSTAS, they get the ladies feelin good and im definitley wit them niggas on that one

    bottom line look at the difference between these 4 men and what they have accomplished, ice t started gangsta rap which DESTROYED HIP HOP cuz all you gotta do now is rhyme guns/drugs/pimp, 44 magnum 9 millimeter bricks of yayo pimp hoes sluts blah blah blah etc etc etc, krs one started all the beefin in the rap game and that DESTROYED HIP HOP, now all you gotta do is diss your favourite artist make each other look like ass make HIP HOP look fuckin stupid and you sell mad records or at least create a buzz for yourself, both these two old niggas are haters and they act like they own some title to tell the new generation what to do, fall the fuck back big headed salty assed chick niggas, i think both of em destroyed their own communities but their too stupid to realize it

    soulja boy and nelly keep makin us feel good cuz shortys get hype when your music plays and if your a dude not bobbin ya head at least be happy some females are

  19. goodsoulove permalink
    September 16, 2008 2:42 am

    and i’ll say it again ICE T AND KRS ONE DESTROYED HIP HOP

  20. gmizzerc permalink
    September 16, 2008 3:07 am

    New respect for Nelly…cosign.

  21. da yella fell permalink
    September 16, 2008 8:52 pm

    i kinda agreed with ice-t but he should’ve fingered soulja boy as a desroyer of hip hop.the kid makes music for kids so u’d expect his subject matter to be limited even though buckshot,special ed,nas a few others were kids they came out.rakim was 17-18 when he did the paid in full album.maybe those mc had a higher mindset but seriously some kids are nowadays are plain should’ve went after the grown ass men who make music like the laffy taffy fools and mims.thats why they were one hit the hell u gonna make a simple assed song like that when you’re grown.

  22. EM-DUBZ permalink
    September 17, 2008 12:57 am


  23. bigstins permalink
    September 17, 2008 7:59 am

    I think that Nelly has a point, but the easiest way to explain is we are all feel very strongly about hip hop and in many ways, we don’t want it to change but the reality is that in order to grow hip hop has to change. To look at it another way, any of us that were teens in the mid 80’s or early 90’s feel that Jordan is the greatest ever and no one can mess with him… not even Kobe. I think that all of us feel the same way about the Golden Era of hip hop. The music of today may not be the same or as strong to some, but there is still a lot of good music out there and all would see that if we turned to other avenues besides BET, Radio and MTV because everyone knows that they get paid to play certain things. Some the of the greatest artist in both R/B and hip hop will never be on the radio.

  24. bigstins permalink
    September 17, 2008 8:03 am


    I agree, why the hell is everybody that comes out a drug dealer or a killer? Why can’t cant cats just be creative and make their own lane much like Kanye has. Love him or hate him, he is one of the few that isn’t a killer and doesn’t know pablo escobar.

  25. September 19, 2008 2:17 pm

    nelly is 100% right

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