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R. KELLY DISS (Put that N***a Under the Jail) by JAPCITY

July 7, 2008

The homey Japcity never fails to go in on somebody. Last time it was Lil Wayne, The Game, Cam’ron and others. Here, R. Kelly is the victim. Whew. This is a serious, scathing diss. I wonder why he’s the only one with an opinion. Hmmmmmmmmm……

They used the Aaliyah beat. Here is what Japcity has to say about it:

YO this ya boy JAPCITY…i like to be the first rapper from chicago to speak out against this pervert ass nigga…you industry niggas dont stand for shit…if you riden wit this nigga you a fucking clown…If you hear this and still feel the need to purchase his albums your are a sell out…Chicago knows the truth…The truth is that he haangs out at the local high schools looking to harbor underage minors to his chocolate factory…

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  1. July 8, 2008 1:29 pm

    wow…..he really bodied this nigga r. kelly but i have to say he deserved it…i felt the same when the nigga was found not guilty, like dayum….he on tape….its sad cuz he not gonna get no help and prolly gonna continue his lil fetish…..shit is fukkin wrong….i know if the nigga hit my lil sister or daughter id murk that fool……..jap city whattup fam….u killed that shit…….im glad to see u rep for the chi……..1 luv from duvalrealnigga904

  2. Chicago permalink
    July 9, 2008 6:25 am

    Fuck this nigga! He can’t rap! He is just trying to come up off another niggaz name!

  3. July 9, 2008 5:30 pm

    naw the nigga speaking up bout how he feel about the situation all you other niggas that dont say nothing just rkelly groupies and probaly want that nigga kelly piss on you then sign you an autograph

  4. July 9, 2008 6:00 pm

    1. Japcity may have scored the title of best diss OVER “ether”. Dude can rap.
    2. Get a new producer. The sample on loop was zzzzzzz.
    3. Learn to write hooks. It would have been tighter with a nice hook.

    With that said – please polish this song up and send it out to the world!

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