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March 25, 2008

Here are some dope Hip-Hop oriented Barack Shirts that aren’t like “Obama is my homeboy”…Check them out. To see more, just click the image.

“Barak Obama Is An Emcee” (Guys)

“Barak Obama Is An Emcee” (Girls)

“Barack Obama is Hip-Hop” (ladies pink)

“We are the Ones we have been waiting for”

“Obama” – White Tee

“We are the Ones…” (Earthy Version)

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  1. March 25, 2008 12:32 pm

    wow.its great .so useful .thanks

  2. Paul V permalink
    March 25, 2008 3:43 pm

    Bill Richardson,,,
    Is 1 delegate,,, after his interview,,, then bill oberman told him what clinton said word for word ,,, Richard tried to change what bill clinton said,, and tried to make it more about race,, Then later on the show ,, Richardson,,, He voting for Barack Obama because,,,it what the voter want,,,, That is so funny,,,for Richardson to say that,, Since Hilary clinton won his state of new mexico,, the people have spoken,,, and he saying someithing completely different,, You can bet assure,,, he not going to get re-elected,, Hope he made that back door dealing with Obama,, ,,,

  3. Paul V permalink
    March 25, 2008 3:43 pm

    Well MSNBC doing it again,,,I see Bill Oreilly,, “Oh I mean Keith Oberman who acting like Bill Oreilly”
    OutRage, just out rage,,, about OBama Passport,,, He more up set about it than Michelle Obama..
    Get a grip,, Everyone know you have this love feast with Obama,, but know as Always Billo ops I meant Keith.
    Speaking out of term again,, It no just Obama Passport,, it Hilary McCain. Barack .
    But Of course in your eyes , it only going to be about Obama try to make the public,,, give only him
    Sympathy ,,, You’ve always wrong lately,, Your not wrong about bill OReilly maybe you should just stick with him..

    LOOK at the blunder you did with your special comments on Hilary and Ferarro… how she was out of line for her comments
    But when Obama Racist pastor does something or its a different story,,a man he knew for 20 year,, not only did he lie on your
    Station,,, saying he never Heard those remarks or ever hearing him saying those remarks,,, then he came out a week later say yes he was in church when he said some remarks,,,and then he will not denounce Jeremiah Wright ,,, Yet he He did say last year, Imus should get fired for those remark against the woman basket ball team,,, but Jeremiah Wrights comment are alot worst,,, And still yet Billo Oberman, Now he is saying,,, talking about his grand mother, she a Typical white woman,,,, all the racism coming from Obama camp.
    Obama want to unite everyone ,,, it will happen but not by Obama,,, the Obama camp been on CNN and Msnbc & Fox saying if the Super Delegate give Hilary the delegates, The obama Voters are going to vote for McCain,, Well that a big to blog out there,,, Most of us are learning from the Obama camp,,, If Obama wins the Primary,,, Hilary voter will vote for McCain, ,,,What goes around comes around,,, there many blogs on this,,,Why don’t MSNBC Just call them selfs MSNBC Barack Obama head Quarters.who who will be the main Anchor,, Billo Oberman. The Worst Person in The World,

  4. Paul V permalink
    March 25, 2008 3:44 pm

    Barack Obama is a liar,,,

    To all
    Obama speech ,,,, Not sure if you caught Not only did Obama,,, Refuses to denounce him,, but even More,, He say in his own words,,,
    Barack Obama was in church when Jeremiah Wright,, was spewing Anti-American, Racist ism ,,,, Those were his own words,,, barack was there
    After going on keith Oberman ,Show obama said he would denounce that if he heard that language he would leave and not tolerate it , and denounce it
    After he went on MSNBC,, he went on FOX CNN ABC< all the news station saying he was never there,,, in his church when he said these things,,
    But Now today during his speech,,He states flat out Say’s HE was there,,, Last week Barack Obama Lied,, went on all the news stations, and Lied,,
    But your not reporting that,,,, You can rest assure,,, cnn ,,, Fox , ABC,,, Msnbc,, are getting more on this ,,, they will be reporting on this, and we will see
    If you chose to report, Obama Lying on tv,,, If this was Hilary clinton lying and caught lying on all the new station,,, you can be sure,, you would talk about it every hour
    people will be on your station debating this,,,, people analysing , if it is hilary clinton but it was not her it was Barack Obama, ,, it bad enought He lied, about being in church
    With Jeremiah Write, when he said these anti american ,,,,,and still refuse to denounce him…all the news agency want to do is speak on how good his speech was,
    Not that he lied,,, Last week on all the news agency ,, He was never there today in how own speech He say I was there,,,,should play all Obama videos from last week
    stating he was not there,,, or heard any of the anti-american Jeremiah Write, said in his churc then play his speech today saying he was there and he did hear him in church and refuse to denounce Jeremiah Write,,,

  5. Paul V permalink
    March 25, 2008 3:45 pm

    I am not trying to convince you of anything that fact are just there,, put the shoe on the other Foot, and this was Hilary clinton,, you will be all over this,,, like flies on shit,,, Obama is right about one thing,,,
    everyone need to see past the big picture,,, I live in Californai,, guess what believe this or not there is no black or white here,,, Most of American respect each other,, there not a race issue,,, but Obama making a race issue,,
    You can not Tell people Don Imus should get fired over it, this is a fact,, But with Jeremiah Wright,, His comments about America,, 911, God Dam America, And more, we all seen the videos,,, is a thousand time worst than Don Imus comment, but with Black American always a reason why,,, that why Obama is struggling with it in the media,,
    I voted for him in california primary but I will not vote for him for presidency ,,, Obama living a double standard,,
    He need to come and deal with this issue,,, He may have all the black votes, but A lot of white voter who voted for him are jumping ship on him and wished like me, I wished I never voted for him now… Democratic Party so divided
    Obama supporter,,are not going to vote for hilary if she win the primary,, Hilary supporter will not vote for Obama if he wins,,,, Barack Obama can not win a big state, not one,,, On CNN and MSNBC Barack supporter been on there so many time saying if hilary wins the delegates,, Obama supporter are going to vote for McCain,,, that is what hilary supporter are going to do,,, Yes the media right It is Democratic civil war,, Hilary and Obama already lost this election Obama thinks if Hilary drops out of this race right now, he going to get the other half of the democratic votes,,, He will only pick up a 1/3 to 1/4 of the votes not nearly enough, the Rest is not going to vote at all or Vote for McCain just like the Obama Supporters,,, Obama will never see the inside of the white house,,, unless he goes see’s the new president who ever that is,,… These are just fact that your going to have to see,, superdelegate know Barack is popular,, and winning by a little,,, but they know he can not win big states not at all,,, We don’t need him harboring a Racist Rev:,,, and stand there say he did good thing for people,,, Did you know Don Imus has a ranch for cancer kids he done some much donation,, more than Obama Rev:,,, But barack think Imus should get fired, and Jeremiah Wright should get a free ride,,,,, A lot of amercian feel we gave you OJ ,,,, that is one thing but to harbor someone who is protecting a Racist,, and still think he should be President,,, Just not going to happen on many levels,,, half the democrats votes,,,Can not win a big state,,, And American Racial Divide coming from the black community,, do the math and think this race is over for Hilary and Obama,,, on all levels,,,,

  6. nearlynormalized permalink
    March 29, 2008 10:34 pm

    Obamas Pastor served in the Marines, did not bomb, set fires, or preach hate–simply stated his observation of the rankness that the politics and life can be in the U.S. He did nothing wrong, just expressing his opinion from the pulpit. God bless us and may we appreciate the freedom we have.

  7. angryxtian permalink
    March 30, 2008 6:25 pm

    Buncha lib rap crap.

  8. March 31, 2008 12:17 am

    George Bush is a gangster rapper! Obama is a conscious rapper.

  9. April 5, 2008 12:48 pm

    take that obama hate elsewhere. obama is going to be a better president than shillary or mcsame. take your rw talking points and go to free rerublic where dumb behinds like yourself can graze free in the hatred of minorites and women.

  10. April 5, 2008 12:49 pm

    thatt’s free republic. (no spell check)

  11. October 9, 2008 1:09 am

    If you’re going to post something, learn to spell?


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  4. Hello WORLD..still remember Mr Kennedy?got killed by snipper.Now Mr Obama rewrite the history again.may be He will get shot by snipper.dont believe me here one victim already.history and human always repeat it self.thats mean we R all stupid .wanted to be

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